Monday, May 28, 2012

Golden Love

Last Saturday, we drove for 2.5 hours to reach San Pascual Batangas (taking SLEX, ACTEX and Star Tollways and Balagtas Exit)  for the 50th Wedding Anniversary of the eldest sister of my dad and her husband.  Actually, the invitations were just sent out Thursday, a few days back before the big day so we were not able to prepare for it.  I forgot to grab on my bag with my extra clothes and camera, so the pictures were just taken using my iphone.

The renewal of vows was held in San Pascual Baylon Parish Church, the same church where they were married 50 years ago.

San Pascual Baylon Parish
Getting married is another stage of the couples lives but keeping the marriage is another thing.  I dream to also have the same kind of marriage and I may not reach the 50th Anniversary but at least we will die loving and keeping our vows together.  As I shared to you on my previous post, I am always emotional when I am in wedding ceremonies, good thing we were late and I wasn't able to see the bride walking the isle.
Tita Edita was so emotional from the start up to the end of the ceremony.

Upper:  The grandchildren and the great grand children, Lower: the kids and their better halves.

So I told you we were all not prepared, look at our clothes! hahaha!
Upper:  Siblings of the bride, Lower: relatives of the bride.
Not to bore you so much on the ceremony pictures, let me jump into the reception.  The reception was held in a Gymnasium of a school with around 65 tables with 10 seats each.  I was surprised seeing lots of people coming in in which we didn't see in the Church earlier.  I have known that it's typical in Batangas that all neighbors are invited during this kind of occasions and some even brought along all their family members and friends and friends of friends.  The 65 tables were not enough to accommodate all the guests, but the food was overflowing, the other guests found their own place to eat.  Good thing there were reserved seats for us relatives so we didn't have to take the long queue of the guests.    If this will be the setup when I get marry, I will just ask my future hubby to just runaway with me... hahaha!

The presidential table was decorated with golden balloons instead of flowers like in the normal weddings, well, I just can say that the design was grand.

The presidential table
One of Tita Edita and Tito Remy's businesses is the dirty ice cream here in Sta Ana, Manila.  It's the line of business of Tito Remy's family in Batangas, most of his siblings also have the same business in different places.  So one of the cake's design was the dirty ice cream carts. Cute!
The cake
No one left without taking their desserts plus the famous Ilagan Ice Cream.  I remember this lovely couple gave us all 2 sets during our graduation days and all the guests went gaga over the ice cream.
Dirty Ice Cream
 If I were to choose between the Magnum Ice cream and this dirty ice cream, I will definitely choose the dirty ice cream. :)


  1. yung grandparents ni ariel, nagcelebrate din ng ganito. abay nila mga apo. bf-gf pa kami nun. =) ganun talaga sa province, buong barangay ang present sa kainan. hehe!

    1. correct, kaya mag desti wedding na lang para tipid :)

  2. nakakatuwang makita silang ganito after all these years. matagal-tagal pa kami para abutin ang ganyan;)

    I long for that dirty ice cream--asan ka Mamang Sorbetero;)

    1. at least you can start counting... mabilis lang panahon :)

  3. oh boy 50th Anniversary. I want that too but still a long way to go :)

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    Hope to see your entry :)