Monday, May 21, 2012

Officially 28

Last Wednesday, I took my very first VL from my company... the only plan I had was to pay thanks to God for all the blessings I received for the last 28 years of my existence.

Surprisingly, my boyfriend's dear mom got me an instant birthday party by cooking her best pasta which I love the most.... her baked spaghetti plus the Estrel's Cake.

The best caramel cake... it's actually yummier than Conti's I must add.

My Nephew wants to blow the cake too... so we had a part 2 for him.

Yanis and Yui with the Happy Birthday Balloons.

Yui was so fascinated of the balloons inside the balloon...
Estrel's Cake.  A must try!!!

The kids so loved the cake, mind you they are not fond of sweet,  so this is only piece that was left afterwards.
Although my mom and dad were not able to make it since they had an earlier appointment on that day and I didn't know I will be having my mini-party, I was still super happy on my birthday.  This is just 1 part of the celebration, I had the pre- and post- birthday celebration that will be shared to you guys... so tune in for my next posts. :)


  1. belated happy birthday! i've been meaning to try that estrel's cake, puro good review talaga. pero hassle kasi, need pa talaga umorder.

  2. oh really?... sobrang dami ngang bumibili ng cakes dito, lalo na pag may up coming occasions, imagine for December this year, all months are booked na, kaya di ka na makapagpareserve... when is your bday? i'll try to get you one. :D

  3. happy birthday! yan din lagi namin cake pag may birthday, di kasi masyado matamis e.

  4. kailangan patikimin mo ko nyan pag andyan ko s apinas:)

    1. sure joy. lemme know when you're here. 2 na utang ko sayo... the pearls and this cake :D