Friday, May 25, 2012

Crazy over the Wake Up Show

There came a time when I was so outdated on the new songs, maybe 3 years or more and I was just learning them through my siblings and boyfriend for I didn't have the chance to listen to the radio because I was always out for work from dawn to dusk... most of those times I was on the road (shuttle service) getting a nap to fill the number of hours lost for sleep and to fuel me up for the next 8 hours of purely working.   Workaholic you may say, but that was my life before.  

Transferring to my new company last year changed my life.  The best change was the TIME where I can do the things I couldn't do when I was in my previous jobs.  In this new company, I own my time, I have so much spare time especially during the first months like the following: I've got to see the sun when I go home, get to see movies even on last full shows, tire my legs for strolling the mall and different places for 4 to 5 hours more before they close.  In this new company, I also learned how to drive and is actually spending 60% of my time driving from one customer to the other.  

What's keeping the fun during driving is the Wake Up Show of Mellow 94.7.  Hosted by the super kulit  DJs Tracy Abad and Vince Golango together with Mr. Ching from 6am to 10am.  When I'm tuned in, I can feel as if I'm always part of the show.  They have the following in their program:  

(1) Wake up Call - you'll have a chance to have 3 minutes of fame by dialing in the numbers: 6329470 and greet everyone you want to greet. They have the traditional "Good Morning, I'm awake Becheez!" when you are to answer after they pick up the line.  
(2) What the Fact! - get to know the facts all over the world.
  • #WTFact Beijing Toilets Now Have A Two-Fly Rule 
(3) Birthday Call and On this day in history - sending in the birthday greetings from the callers, facebook, twitter and the text lines; learn celebrities with the same birthday as today, special events and the #1 hit songs from the history.
  • #daytoday May25 Towel Day: In honor of author Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, carry a towel & make sure it's conspicuous
  • #daytoday #1songtoday May25 "Burn" by Usher was the number 1 Billboard song on this day in history.
(4) Topics for each day - the topics are always so interesting, sometimes I am sending out my responses over twitter.  
Example of Topics for this week:
  • Monday Madness Topic: What are you protesting?
  • Topless Tuesday Topic: What are those song lyrics you can really relate to?! What songs sound like they're about your life?!
  • Wake Up Wednesday Topic: Not to be rude, but __________.
  • Throbbing Thursday: Who do you wanna vote for Jessica Sanchez or Philip Philips?
  • Commando Friday: Girl Guy Decoders - give us the real meaning of things girls and guys say or do.
(5) News of the Hour - live updates from the local and international news
(6) Dirty Minds - a contest where everyone can join in.  With lots of prizes!!!
(7) Moment of Zen - some words just before ending the show.
  • #momentofzen If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.
And now, I sent my car for preventive maintenance and decided to wait until it finish, while waiting, I am tuned the Wake Up Show Online while publishing this blog.

... by tuning in to the show, i'm getting up to date information, music and fun... hope I did not bore you with this post, but if you have the time, try tuning in to this show, you'll definitely like it.... :)


  1. honestly, hindi ko mahilig makinig sa radio pag nasa kotse lang. hehe!

    btw! you can adjust the size of your pictures and even your layout para kasya sa frame yung mga x-large na picture. =)

  2. I would love too, but di ko marinig yan dito sa NOrway. hi hi

    1. maybe you can tune in online, it's just that I don't know the time, baka sleeping hours nyo. anyway, you can do more things rather than tuning in. Ako naman have no choice during driving, i need something interesting to listen to. :D