Monday, May 7, 2012

Ice Bar Manila

Late 2011, the first Ice Bar in the Philippines opened in the over-looking view of Antipolo City.  The location is just perfect for the bar's frosted glass walls.  We are not party goers but we got curious on what this new bar can offer so we checked out this place early this year.

In this bar, you are only allowed to stay 30 minutes inside the ice bar for safety reasons, so there's 30 minutes interval to every guest.  While waiting for your turn, they create another non-ice bar upstairs where you can enjoy the over-looking view of the city, order for food and drinks and enjoy acoustics and R&B music with their live band.  In the basement where the Ice Bar is located, there are D&G jackets and gloves to protect the guest from the freezing temperature inside.  You'll have 3 free drinks and of course a 30- minute time to enjoy and party.  But since it was our first time to party in this kind of place, we opted to take pictures rather than dance like we do in other bars.

While waiting for our turn, they provided walls where we can leave our marks that we've been  there.

The man behind the ice sculptures

What is a bar without the bar itself... have yourself a drink!

And if you want to rest, there's an ice bench... but you can't really sit there for a long time, remember it's ice.


Party party!

Si Kuya, the bartender.


  1. ang sarap pumunta diyan ngayon lalo na summer. =)i'm not fond of bar too, once pa lang ko nakapunta, dun kasi nagdebut friend ko.

  2. nothing's fun naman, iinom ka then masakit ulo afterwards... :D... actually, ok lang sya puntahan 1 time, for experience lang, pero yung uulit-ulitin mo, ndi din practical, I can't recall how much, but i remember swearing myself, di na ako uulit dun.

  3. well, meron na pala nyan sa pinas. Well, I am sure di ko punta dyan hi hi. kasi dito lagi na meron ice sa labas especially in wintertime and it is reallly cold:) Nice experience though:)

  4. I think I saw this featured on the telly before. Parang ang saya - although lahat naman masaya basta masasaya ang kasama, right?
    I can imagine it to be expensive coz of the maintenance and all....

  5. it depends... it's actually not that expensive, maybe less than 500 pesos, (can't really recall the exact price), affordable, right?

    But only if you'll not gonna think that your <500 pesos will burn in 30 minutes. :D