Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's day special

My mom, she's turning 58 this year has lived a princess life ever since she was a kid.  They are only 2 girls out of 7 and she grew up having 5 helpers around their house.  She honestly didn't learn the household chores, didn't know how to iron clothes, didn't know how to cook and didn't even know how to do the laundry.

When she got married, my dad promised my grandparents that she will be treated as a queen.  And dad made her as his queen.  When we were growing up, we learned the same as what she knows, so expect us not to know anything in the household.  Good thing my 2nd sister and I transferred a year ahead of them to Manila for college so we learned to live on our own.

But my mom tried her best to learn how to cook, she in fact enrolled in a cooking class but she only learned 1 dish which became her specialty, Menudo.  She's so funny when she's trying to cook other dishes because she can't really get it right so she gave up.  

I mentioned she didn't know how to iron clothes, she also tried, but she often get the clothes with iron marks or you can see that the clothes still have wrinkles.  We tease her no more since 1 time she got offended and cried and made litany of the hardship she gone through ironing the clothes, the heat of the iron, the pressing which made her arms really tired.. as in super baby like, and all we can do it to laugh silently so she'll no longer get offended.

Regardless of her household chores weaknesses, she excels in making some crafts, she made fun doing cross-stitches and she also do beautiful things from "Gantsilyo".  She is fond of make-ups, porma and perfumes.  From the stories of her teens, she has a lot of suitors and she is never forgotten as the prom queen, the majorette, the muse and the beauty queen, guess she never got over from her teen years.

We love her truly although she lacks a lot of qualities of being a mom, she seems like a sister and a friend to all of us instead.  She is so cool and is game to lakwatsa and everything, she is also our make-up artist, etc.  She is my exact opposite, but we jive together, me as the mature one and she's the baby like how i treat my other siblings.

We are not a hug and kissing family but we know we love each other and we make sure we let her and my dad know they are loved so dearly.

So for this year's mother's day she deserves a treat to a dinner for two in Seasons, Manila Pavillion Hotel since she and my dad as far as I know seldom have a chance to have a date like this.  Unfortunately, when I called for reservation, Saturday and Sunday are already fully booked, so I have no choice but to move it to Monday.  Hope they'll enjoy this gastronomic dinner and feel our love for the mother's day special.


  1. what a thoughtful daughter you are and your mother looks so young and beautiful. Happy Mother's day to her as well:)

  2. happy mother's day to your mom! mukhang bata pa si mother. =)

  3. She looks 10 or even 20 years younger, imagine malapit na sya mag 60 but she still looks so young, maalaga sa sarili and my dad always wants her to look pretty kaya bigay luho sa mga pang pa beauty.

    Happy mother's day too to you Joy and Michi. Irene, i don't know if you're a mom, if you are, happy mom's day to you too. Hugs!

  4. I bet she had a grand time!

    first time here;)

  5. Hi mayet! yep, they had a great time last night... in fact, my mom dressed up for their date. super cool!

    btw, I'm your follower too. :D