Sunday, May 6, 2012

Girls Limitations

Registered and ran for my 2nd official run in Slimmers World Run 2012 last Saturday at Bonifacio Global City.  This time we registered for only 3K just to check how fast we can go for this short distance.  The night before the run, we attended the Movie Night featuring "The Avengers" courtesy of 3M Club and arrived home past 12 midnight because of the heavy traffic in EDSA.  That night I felt that I'm having acid reflux and slight heart burning so I took antacid and prepared the things for tomorrow's event and hit the bed at 1:00 am.  At 3:00 am, my alarm clock woke me up... with very sleepy eyes, I pushed myself to the shower and took light breakfast afterwards.

We arrived 4am in the venue and saw one of my colleagues EJ to run 10K for the same event.  I was feeling a little pain in my abdomen and thought the acid is starting again so I took another antacid but didn't mention it to boyfriend, he'll sure won't let me run if he knew it for sure.  I know it was just a little pain and I can still run when the medicine takes effect. 

When the gun time started, I took easy jogs and knew I can finish the run in no time.  At 700 meters, the pain started to bother me and I tried to push a little harder and reached 1K with a little speed.  Then I felt the pain is getting worst and I'm having short breaths.  I decided to just walk and jog for every intersections.  

Every time I tried to jog, the pain is getting really worst so I have no choice but to walk up to the finish line.  Boyfriend was waiting for me in the finish line and was surprised I was just walking then, we still took the queue for the finisher's kit and then told him that I wasn't feeling well.  I expected his reaction but told him I can no longer take his sermons and I got to change my clothes since it's dripping with my sweat.  

In the restroom, that's when I realized why I was not feeling well.  How can I not know earlier that I'm having my period on that day?... You know, when I was younger I don't believe in women having dysmenorrhea, I thought they are just making alibis not to do things, but when I reached 27, that's when I started feeling it.  I really hate the feeling, the abdominal pain, the cramps in the legs and the nauseating feeling due to headaches.  Dysmenorrhea interferes my activities especially on the 1st and 2nd day and its making me moody sometimes.  Guys should understand us during these periods, and I'm glad boyfriend was so concerned.

With this experience I will no longer register in any runs on these seasons, hope I won't forget the next time. 

This was my worst run ever, but when the result came.. it's still not bad as I thought.  I still ranked half from all the runners in this category.  Maybe I can excel in walkathon instead of running.. hahaha!


  1. I am glad na it was your period lang and nothing serious. Good luck to your next run:)

  2. Hi Joy, yep... I thought there's something wrong with me talaga. I learned from this experience not to push myself too hard, this might cause me to a more serious one just in case I pass out in the road the next time. Medyo matigas lang talaga ulo ko minsan :D

  3. galing ha, kahit walkathon ang ginawa mo. same kayo ni ariel, kahit masama pakiramdam, go pa rin. naiinis nga ko dun and lagi ko sinasabi, "kaya nga may SL para gamitin pag masama pakiramdam"

  4. nyay! mukhang parehas nga kami... pero kasi medyo mahirap ma-miss mga deadlines namin kaya basta kaya pa, cge lang. Guess, we have no choice kasi but to deliver what we committed. :(

  5. Well done! But you're right, you need to be careful next time. My period pains used to be really bad, nowadays paminsan minsan na lang. Most of the time disconmfort na lang.
    I have to loose weight and try to run as well.
    Sabi ng colleaugue ko everyone needs to run even just one marathon in their lifetime. And there are a lot of short ones here that are for really good causes. =)

  6. Hi Kristeta, welcome to my should i call you? .... yep, there are really lots of running events now a days, super uso ngaun, you can always register for short distances 1K, 3K and 5K... no pressure kasi fun run nga eh, believe me, dami naglalakad, some even do holding hands while walking, some have their pets with them. Try it sometime, i'm sure you'll fall in love with it like we do. :D