Monday, May 28, 2012

Love and Hate

There are so much topics I am thinking to share but I would write this first as I think I still have hang-over for my birthday.  I shared the surprise birthday and post birthday celebrations a few days back and now it's time to share my pre-birthday celebration.

Tuesday, May 15, my boyfriend and I had a scheduled circuit training for the Milo running clinic and the activities that night were really exhausting.  Since I was on vacation leave on the 16th, I was scheduled to stay at my boyfriend's house since we'll be going to Pink Sister's early in the morning the next day.  On our way to his house, we were talking about the family outing, I told him not to talk about it just for that night since it's already stressing me, then suddenly, for no reason at all, we were arguing and then became silent until we reached home.  I was so sad and disappointed because he was really not talking to me, so I had to give him a silent treatment as well.  For 11 years, we don't argue much so I was really sad thinking, it's almost my birthday and we should be happy and celebrating, but here we were not even talking.

I was crying while taking a bath and when I went out of the rest room, there he was holding a cake and a balloon singing a happy birthday song and got me a Charles and Keith bag.  It's the first surprise for my birthday and there was so much drama acting that night but we ended up happy sharing the dulce de leche cake.

My eyes were still swollen from crying... but my smiles won't hide the happiness on his surprise.

Dulce de Leche, yummy!
So there, I must say I hate and love surprises. :)


  1. favorite namin yan dulce de leche. nung first 11 months ni ethan, ilang dulce de leche yata ng nabili namin kaya lagi same ang picture ng monthsary birthday niya. hehe!

    at least happy ending di ba.

    1. Parang every bday kp yan bigay nya sakin na cake. Hehehe!