Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013 International Pyro Musical Olympics

Last night, we were able to witness the amazing fireworks of the two countries (United Kingdom and South Korea) competing for the 2013 International Pyro Musical Olympics that was held in SM Mall of Asia. Few years back, I was able to watch the fireworks from afar and was already amazed... But yesterday was a different experience since we were able to station within the area and witness the tempo of the fireworks in sync with the music... Galing!... Gangnam Style for South Korea of course didn't miss to be included in this competition.

Because SM MOA always have fireworks display every 7pm on weekends, it's becoming an ordinary thing for me whenever i see lights in the night sky. However, the event last night is a different experience, there were super bongga and super cool designs that i never thought could be done in a firework. There were hearts, shapes within shapes, the timing, color combinations and the control in the sizes of the light display depending on the tempo of the music.

You still have 3 more weekends to witness this event. The competition will go until March 23' 2013. See below schedule:

February 16
Japan – Tamaya Kitahara
Finland – Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd.

February 23z
Taiwan – Yung Feng Fireworkds
Spain – Brunchu Pyro Experience

March 2
United Kingdom – Jubilee Fireworks Ltd.
South Korea – Hwarang Fireworks Inc.

March 9
Italy – Ipon Fireworks S.R.L
The Netherlands – Royal Fireworks

March 16
China – Liuyang New Year Fireworks Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Australia – Fireworkx Inc.

March 23
Canada – Fireworks Spectacular
Philippines – Platinum Fireworks Inc. (Closing Exhibition)

I have to warn you though, you should be in the Mall of Asia earlier because everyone seems to stop their cars and watch the fireworks display. We in fact took more than 30 minutes from blue wave to the parking of MOA. Some of the roads were also closed and there's only one flow of traffic and your only access to parking is thru the MOA Arena.

So much for the talk, here are some pictures I have taken and maybe these don't give justice to the actual beauty of the firework display last night.