Saturday, March 23, 2013

Globe Rewards

If you are a Globe subscriber, you should also be receiving your reward points everytime you use your globe postpaid. I kept on ignoring the text messages I am receiving from 4438 regarding the points I earned until last week when I noticed all the points will be expiring this coming end of March.

So, my boyfie and I had an instant movie date last Thursday using the Globe Reward Points. We just went to Greenbelt Cinema 3 and approached the lady at the counter and gave us the instruction how to redeem my points.

STEP 1. Check first your points earned by texting BAL and sent it to 4438. Each point is equivalent to 1 peso, the movie is worth Php230 so I need around 460 points to avail 2 tickets.

STEP 2. Key in BUY 'space' (acct where you are availing the points) 'space' (points) and send it to 4438.

Then, that's it... Instant two tickets for the movie OZ: the great and powerful... No cash out except for the popcorns, fries and drinks for our refreshment. ^_^


  1. I got a text too about how you can use it on cinemas, haha! Magamit nga din...

    1. Follow the steps above, use it sa glorietta or greenbelt

  2. macheck ko nga yung kay hubby. nakakaredeem din kami sa smart before, free movie ticket, drinks and popcorn. #cheapdate

    1. Oo nga, sayang... Instant date diba?
      Anyway, magugustuhan ni Ethan yung movie na Oz: the great and powerful.
      Pangkids talaga sya, may katabi ako kid sa movie house, wagas sa tawa. :)