Sunday, March 31, 2013

Summer Coolers

Beat the heat with these summer coolers:

1. Halo-halo from Chowking, still the number 1 halo-halo for me so far. We tried last friday the Digman's Halo-halo, we even went to Bacoor, Cavite just to try this famous halo-halo... But it did not meet my expectation... Sa sobrang takam, i was looking for the special that the media was referring to, yes it had 12 sahog but it's just an ordinary halo-halo... Chowking pa din ako.

2. Milk Teas. Me and boyfie had a time that we liked the milk teas so much, it passed... But can't deny milk tea is still a healthy summer cooler.

3. McDonald's sundae. Why would you spend a lot when you can just buy a sundae cone from McDonald's for only 15 pesos. #sulit!

What are your summer coolers?


  1. Sweet naman ng mga picturess:)
    Well, dito need pa ng heater kasi kahit spring na ay nag snow pa.
    By the way, I borrowed picture from your blog for my next entry. Hope its ok for you:)

    1. Lagi nga malamig dyan sainyo...
      Cge, ok lang po. :)