Sunday, March 17, 2013

I ordered my future yesterday

I am unable to get sleep yet and decided watching The Bottomline with Boy Abunda. If not for this shows late time slot, i will always watch it. Everytime I am able to watch this show, I always find Tito Boy a very good host because he always chooses very interesting people to interview.

The guest for this evening is Ms Julie Cox, the author of the book "I ordered my future yesterday". A write up from Traffor Publishing about Julie says:

Julie Cox is no ordinary woman. Born in the Philippines, she’s carved out an amazingly fruitful life after overcoming a plethora of obstacles which would have broken a lesser person. In her new book, I Ordered my Future Yesterday, Julie recounts the trials and tribulations she’s faced, from being raped twice and left for dead, living in extreme poverty, experiencing the death of various loved ones, and giving up for adoption the baby she had after being raped a second time. Julie recounts the ups and downs of her life from living for two years scavenging as a semi-orphan amid a garbage dump at the U.S. Naval Base at Subic Bay to moving from the Philippines to the United States. Upon arriving in the U.S., she began a series of odd jobs which eventually led her to a successful sales career at a Fortune 500 company. During this time, she was also busy building her dream resort and academic training center in the Philippine islands one step at a time. And now, through sheer hard work and crafty planning, she’s halfway toward her goal of becoming a millionaire. Even if you’re broken, negative, bitter, depressed, outmanned, and outgunned, nothing can stop you from finding your destiny!"

Taking some notes from the interview with Tito Boy, Julie was raped twice, the first when she was 15, she was so young and so afraid, she didn't tell anybody that this thing happened to her. The second time was when she was 24 years old, she was held capture for 2 months as sex slave and also suffered physical abuse. This horrible experiences led her to attempt taking her life and I quote: "I was really afraid to die but i don't find my life worth it."

Accepting what she has gone through... A priest tried changing her perspective, he instilled in her this: "God did not intend to punish you.".... Julie now says: "i am not what happened to me, I can't dwell in the past, it's a matter of acceptance".

Julie now sees a different perspective in life. Those that had happened to her served a great lesson in life, she consider them as sand papers, they polished her to become beautiful, strong that made her now see her imperfect life perfectly.

Julie wrote this book to give hope to people, to let us know there's always a light at the end of every tunnel, that we can order and shape our future and that ordering our future need to take a lot of effort. This book is really a must read, I got to grab a copy of this soon.

We are celebrating Women's Month this March and Julie's story reveals the reality about women getting abused physically and mentally, harassed and sexually abused. Based on statistics, 1 out of 3 women are raped or attempted for sexual harassment or abused in their lifetime. Most cases are not being reported because they are afraid, ashamed or threatened, they mostly just kept it to themselves because they don't want people to feel sorry for them. This is really a bothering fact, for i am also a woman, i have 3 sisters, most of my cousins are girls, I have a lot of girl friends and i might have future daughters and I fear for them all.

Good thing, there's already women's desk in every police station nowadays, so women will no longer be afraid to report and tell their stories, there's also Gabriella who can fight for the rights of these women. But we don't want to wait and be served by these institutions so we need to take extra careful, know how to defend ourselves and choose the people to trust.

I just really hope all men will treat all women with love and respect, make this world safe and a better world for all of us.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


  1. I am an abused woman myself and I find her story really inspiring. Women should not be ashamed ... they did not ask for it to happen ... it did and they need to overcome it.

    1. I super agree. No one asks for this thing to happen to themselves, we are victims, justice should be served.

      Thanks Kathy for dropping by.

  2. That's so sad. It's nice to hear that she has triumphed over all the obstacles she had to face. Very inspiring.