Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nutella Ferrero

One of my favorite past time is eating, I love trying out food and during the times that I don't feel like going out to buy food, biscuits are always there to the rescue.

The usual match of biscuits are peanut butter and cheese whiz, they are both yum of course but I discovered a new perfect match for skyflakes (skyflakes nga lang). If you are a fan of Ferrero chocolate and don't have the luxury to buy it, you can try this Nutella Ferrero. It's only P149 pesos and can be consumed as many as 1 pack of skyflakes or more, depende kung how tipid you put in one biscuit. It is available in supermarkets anywhere.

I have tried enclosing this spread to 2 skyflakes pero di sya masyadong lasang Ferrero, so better consume it one biscuit at a time like the picture below:

So enjoy your merienda!


  1. My daughter and I loves Nutella too. We buy it naman at S&R. Btw, you might wanna join my giveaway. Thanks =)

    1. Hi irene, thanks for dropping by. Sure, will join your giveaway. :)

  2. Replies
    1. eto joy, para sa mga tamad na katulad ko... i'll prefer your waffle pa din... hahaha! malapit ka na umuwi sa Pinas... i'm happy for you. ^_^