Thursday, March 28, 2013

Improvised Vacay with the kids

Because we were not able to plan for this holiday and trying to make late reservations was unsuccessful, we thought of just spending it to my boyfie's house.

Boyfie's house has a roofdeck and has a wide space for the mini pool of the kiddos and a bahay kubo for our tambayan.... be careful with my heart mode.

This is indeed a perfect improvised vacation, we have a private place of our own and we don't have to spend anything. #libre

Kayo po? What's your plan for the holiday?


  1. Ako, work work work.... pwede naman talaga mag-enjoy kahit hindi out of town...

  2. Ganda pala ng place ng boyfriend mo, so no need to go somewhere else:)

    1. Correct mommy joy... Hayaan mo malapit na ko tumira dito. Hehehe!