Thursday, March 21, 2013

Congratulations Tonts!

I was inspired by the very proud blog of Juicy Jay for his nephew... and I think I can do the same for my cousin as well.  Tonts is also graduating the same school as Juicy Jay's nephew tomorrow and we are also very proud of her.

Tonts is the eldest among the 2 children of my mom's brother.  She was a sweetheart ever since she was born because she has a very fair skin and her lips is as red as the roses (snow white kuno).  Our family is musically inclined (sort of and I am an exemption, hahaha!) and she was able to get her good singing voice from her dad.  She was also always the bet for muse and a representative for beauty pageants, but she seldom join these kind of contests (mana sakin eh, kidding!)  Tonts transferred here in Manila and grew up with us since my sister Mabz supported her school expenses starting high school up to her college years.

Little Miss Philippines - Peace tayo tonts... hahaha!

During high school, she found her passion in acting and became active in the drama club.  She played the lead role Gabriella Montez for the High School Musical version of Paco Catholic School.  I remembered taking my VL just to watch her show and even created a video for this show in youtube I tried viewing it today and realized it has a very poor video quality (blame it to the technology during that time).

In college, she chose to join our clan's profession, Teaching.  Just a brief of a background, my grandma and all her sisters are all retired teachers, unfortunately no one in our parents generation became one, but for our generation, Tonts might be the 2nd.

Teacher na nililigawan ng mga high school students nya... nyay!
Because she grew up with us, she is NBSB (no boyfriend since birth), not because we are strict or anything, but even my younger sister and brother are like this... di naman namin pinagbabawalan I swear!...  They are just very obedient and go home after their class, di nagpapagabi sa daan.  This thinking is I guess just instilled to us to prioritize studies, no pressure given.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, she will be throwing her graduation cap by tomorrow and I just want her to know that we are so proud of her.  Congratulations Tonts!


  1. Naku usually daw pag matagal nagkaka-bf og gf, sobrang happy sa family... it seems like...

    1. Tama ka dyan senyor... We are indeed a happy family :)

  2. Ganda naman nya. Mana sa yo:) congrats to her:)

  3. Replies
    1. mas maganda tong batang to kesa sakin... hahaha! pero thanks!

  4. Congratulations to your cousin! We need a lot of quality teachers as we can get. It's a very noble profession. =)