Saturday, March 23, 2013

In-n-out Burger

I first heard of In-n-out burger from my boyfie's Tito (tito who is way younger than us) when he visited the Philippines few years back, he was so young before and wanted to eat in In-n-out burger, but we really don't have it here in the Philippines yet.

Finally, In-n-out Burger is now here in the Philippines. They opened last March 21 in Bonifacio Global City but we haven't tried their burgers yet since we can't find its location. Anyway, i'll share my rating for their burgers when we are able to try it. Stay tuned. ^_^


  1. hmmmnnn... i'll definitely love this... burger person aq eh

    1. Cge, i'll feedback my rating for their burger on my next post. :)