Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flaming Wings

Flaming Wings is a new found place famous for their New York buffalo wings and wicked oreo. The first time we dined in this restaurant, boyfie ordered 3 pieces buffallo wings in their signatured smoky barbeque sauce and I ordered separately. When our order arrived, we received 6 pieces chicken so we thought they just made some error in our order. Apparently, the 3 pieces buffallo wings is so big they have to cut them into 2, thus it became 6 pieces. So, the next time we visited the place, we already know how to order. The next "victim?" was the actress Cherry Pie Picache dining in with his son. She ordered 15 pieces wings thinking it's the same size from Yellow Cab or other restos. She was so surprised when 30 pieces chicken were served in their table. I don't know if its their strategy but the crews don't give heads-up to customers on their serving size. Anyway, we loved the buffallo wings in original and smoky bbq sauce.

The food serving of Flaming Wings is big enough for share even their regular sizes are still big enough for 2. Prices? You'll be also surprised on the very fair price despite the big servings.

I'm excited to share about the desserts... They have the famous Wicked Oreo and the Brownie Ala Monde, i'll give two thumbs up for these two... Yum yum yum!

I'm no expert in cooking or baking but i'm thinking that these two are very simple and can be done at home..

Ingredients: Oreo cookies, pancake mix, vanilla ice cream, candy sprinklers
Procedure: coat the oreo using the pancake mix, deep fry or bake, then serve with vanilla ice cream, sprinkle with candies or chocolates.

Ingredients: Brownies (buy or create your own), vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup
Procedure: Heat the brownie in your oven, serve with vanila ice cream and syrup on top.


  1. Wow yummy.. I will try that... Thank you for sharing

  2. Oh. Nakakataba ang mga foods dyan:) but namnam:)

    1. korek ka dyan joy... no wonder, i'm again starting to gain pounds... pero masarap talaga kumain :)

  3. ok yung huge servings kaysa naman sa konti kasi mabibitin ka. kakatamad na umorder ulit. hehe!

    1. oo nga, pero sana may heads-up kasi kung tig-iisa iniorder nyo.. kamusta naman sa dami ng food. hehehe!